Thank you for your interest in participating in the MoCo Interfaith 5k!

The MoCo Interfaith 5k is designed to bring communities together.  Our goals are to work together to raise money for our community, make friends and get to know one another during the process, break down barriers between groups, and create a stronger interfaith community in the county.

Congregations who are interested in joining the program have 2 options to help our cause. 

  1. Supporter:  Help us spread the word!
    You may be small, but your voice can carry!  Help us make the Montgomery County Interfaith 5k a success by lending your voice to the cause.  We will list your congregation on our website list of event supporters and use a symbol from your religion on our logo.  You hand out flyers and encourage people to participate.
  2. Participant:  Represent your congregation at the race!
    Includes Supporter benefits plus any congregation that registers at least 10 runners is welcome to have a free table at the Post-race Festival at the Finish Line.  You may bring informational materials about your congregation and speak with interested parties who stop by your booth for additional information.  Team members must register by August 22, 2021 and note their affiliation with your congregation on their registration form.  NOTE:  Team members do not have to be congregational members.  They must just note their intent to run for your congregation.

To sign up as a group,  please email us at

If you really want to get in on the planning and the above options just aren’t enough, please contact us for more information!

Please note: This is an inclusive event, designed to bring together people of different backgrounds to meet, socialize and work together to better the entire community.  While many attendees are people of faith, the event respects all backgrounds and does not embrace any one religion or belief system.  Religious services, proselytizing and preaching are NOT part of the public program and should not be practiced at the MoCo Interfaith 5k.